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Australia I: the 'red heart', Ayer's rock, Alice Springs; kangaroo, sun  bird   Australia I
Sydney: Sydney Opera House; Skyline; Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Red Heart: Ulara; Ayer's Rock; Alice Springs
Kuranda: Grass; "Sun bird"
 Australia II: Katherine gorge; outback, Mataranka springs; bats; crocodiles; snake; aboriginal art; Kakadu National Park   Australia II
North of the Centre: Katherine river; Kookaburra; bats at Mataranka; Cooinda: birdlife; Salt water crocodiles in the Adelaide river; Kakadu National Park; traditional aboriginal drawings, snake.
 Australia III: Kakadu National park: lovers under a cross; Darwin; a portrait of the author & Elvira; evening sun   Australia III
Kakadu National Park: bush fire; lovers under a stone cross;
Darwin: in a pub; trees; "outdoor" painting; sunset
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